An Argument: Hardback vs Paperback

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Books come in two varieties: Hardback and Paperback.

Now most of us will probably own some of each type; I know my personal library has both types. In today’s blog, I will be discussing which one is better. I have my own personal preference, but I’ll wait till the end to let you know.



  • Look Impressive: Hardback books look good. There is no denying this. Bigger than paperbacks, they really stand out on your shelves. A row of hardback books oozes gravitas.
  • More Durable: They can take a bit of a beating. Now, this isn’t something I recommend, but life happens; books get dropped, tea/coffee spills, etc. This means that they last longer and stay in much better condition. A hardback book really can last a lifetime easily.
  • Come Out Earlier: Now this pro has an expiry date, but it is still there, at least for a short time. As a rule, books come out in hardback first, so, if you really must read that new book by your favourite author, hot off the press, then hardbacks are for you.


  • More Expensive: Hardback books cost more. As understandable as this is (they do cost more to produce after all), it is still a point against. For those of us on a budget – myself included – it can be a big mark against.
  • Take Up Space: Earlier, I said that part of their appeal was how good they look, size included, but this can also work against them. You can’t fit as many hardbacks on your shelves as you can paperbacks. Also, have you ever taken a hardback on a journey? They take up a lot of room in your bag.
  • Clunkier: Again, their size can work against them. For me at least, they just aren’t as comfortable to handle as a paperback. This one is definitely personal taste though.



  • Cheaper: Paperbacks cost less. Really this point is the opposite of one of the cons for hardbacks. For those of us looking to build our libraries on a budget, this is a big tick.
  • Take Up Less Space: Now admittedly paperbacks lose out to e-devices, such as a kindle, in this category, but in the argument of hardback vs paperback they win. You can get more books in the same space, and they are much more convenient space wise for commuters or for taking on holiday.


  • Flimsy: Paperback books are much less durable than their hardback counterparts. Spines crack, pages curl up or rip. There is no getting around this, short of never reading the book or taking it anywhere (and what would be the point of that!). But hey, their cheaper cost kind of offsets this.


Overall, I have to say I prefer paperbacks. It’s just a personal thing really, despite being visually less impressive, they are far more comfortable to read for me; as well as being more practical for travel. Commutes and holidays are some of the best places to read as well!

Have you got a preference? Why not leave a comment below and let me know.

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