Book Review: The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green


The Smoke Thieves is the first book in a planned trilogy by Sally Green. It follows the stories of several characters through political intrigue and back-stabbing, though our main POV characters are: Catherine, a princess forced into a political marriage instead of to the man she loves; Ambrose, the man Catherine loves and who is forced to flee because of this; March, a servant who is hellbent on revenge for his people, slaughtered in a war between two rival kingdoms; and finally, Tash, an young orphan who is involved in the illegal narcotics trade of gathering and selling demon smoke.

The premise of the book, at least for me, is fantastic. It sounded really good, with a multitude of different and interesting characters done in a similar style to Game of Thrones with it’s interweaving and multiple character viewpoints. Unfortunately, this premise wasn’t quite done justice by the book, in my opinion anyway.

Tash is the first character that we meet and is the only one I managed to really get interested in. The demon smoke concept was pulled of quite well, and her relationship with Gravell felt real and was well written. The opening chapter, with her in a remote, wild, wintery wasteland hunting demons to gather their smoke caught my attention straight away. However, beyond that I struggled to really get any attachment to the other characters, finding them either unbelievable, unlikeable or just plain stupid in their decision making.

Overall, this book wasn’t for me, however, it has had good reviews in Goodreads and so try it. You might find it is a great book for you, but I can’t say it worked for me.