An Argument: Traditional Books vs E-Books

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Hi everyone! So, aaaaggggeees ago, back when I first started this blog I did an argument post on whether I preferred hardback or paperback books – the link is here if you want to check it out – and I thought it was about time that I did another one.

Now I don’t really use audiobooks, or know many people that do, but I do know lots of people that use e-books, as well as using them myself, so I felt like this was a topic I am able to adequately discuss.

So, with out further ado, here are my thoughts…


  • They Save So Much Space: This one can’t really be denied. Traditional books take up a lot of room, whether that is on book shelves around the home or in your suitcase/bag when travelling. Kindles (other brands are available) and phones, on the other hand, are smaller than a normal sized paperback but can hold hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of books.
  • Immediate Access: Just got to read that latest book you’ve heard about right now? Can’t do that with traditional books, I’m afraid. Even next day delivery services require you to wait for at least one day. E-books, however, allow you to download and begin reading straight away. If you’re impatient, then e-books have the advantage!
  • Easier on the Wallet: Owning lots of books is expensive. Now, you can offset this with a library card to a certain extent, but you don’t actually own those books, so hey. E-books, however, are usually a bit cheaper than their physical counterparts. As a quick comparison, my physical paperback copy of The Grey Bastards by Johnathan French cost me £8.99 but I can download it on my phone for £3.99. Less than half the price! Never mind the cost of the actually book shelves to store them on…
  • Better for the Environment: I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I imagine that 3-books are probably better for the planet. I know you have to make the devices and charge them, but traditional books are made from paper. A lot of paper per books and there are a lot of books printed each year. That is quite probably a lot of trees cut down. Though, I am aware that many of the major publishing houses are signed up to tree planting projects to help offset this. Still a consideration for many people, I’m sure.


Traditional Books

  • Emotional Connections: I can’t help but love getting my hands on a real book. There is something about the whole experience that makes you fall in love with a book so much more than with an e-book. That, at least, is true for me. This makes reading and rereading physical books a much more emotional experience. Every time I pick up my old copy of The Hobbit from my childhood, and my hands flick through its pages and its slightly worn and used cover, I feel happy. I just can’t imagine getting this with an e-book.
  • No Batteries Needed: Imagine this: you’re sat there, happily reading your Kindle and bam, the battery dies. You don’t have a charger near you, and you won’t for at least an hour, and the book was just starting to get to the good bit! It’s a nightmare situation isn’t it. Or what if your phone is nearly dead and you will need to ring someone to pick you up from the train station, so you have to be responsibly (uuuggh!) and not read. None of this will happen with a traditional book.
  • Easier on the Eyes: E-books don’t look impressive. They just don’t. A bookshelf of amazing covers does though. Sorry e-books, you just can’t compete here. Plus, you get to look smart and intellectual on the tube or train if you have a real book. No one thought anyone staring at their phone screen looked smart, even if you are actually doing just as much reading!
  • Gifts: Physical books make excellent gifts. Well, I always enjoy getting a book anyway. E-books, not so much. You can’t even wrap them up! Sure you can give a gift card, but that isn’t the same is it.


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So, there you have it, my thoughts on e-books vs traditional books. Now, in conclusion, I personally prefer reading from a traditional book. I just think there is something magical about them. I love the feeling of them and getting my nose stuck in one. I can’t help it. Practically, I actually think e-books have more advantages, but my heart just can’t let them win!


What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!






4 thoughts on “An Argument: Traditional Books vs E-Books

  1. I’m so in two minds about this debate as well and there are definitely positives for both sides. I absolutely love the feeling of starting a new physical book though and there are some books that I just want to have a copy to hold in my hands (although I’ve never been able to figure out my rule on this).

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  2. I’m all about a healthy mix! I love my Kindle when my eyes are playing up as I can adjust the font – it’s also great for all the free classics you can get!
    I don’t tend to buy books new I get all mine second hand unless it’s a gift. So, other positives can be adding to this history of a book (especially when it’s passed on again), and donating a little bit of money to charity.

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