365 Days of Book Blogging!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all okay.

Anyway, today is a bit of a special day… It’s the blogs first birthday!


Note that this isn’t my blog’s WordPress birthday, I didn’t come to WordPress until December 2018. 

For such a momentous and earth-shattering occasion – don’t laugh, I can hear you – I thought it would be fun for me to share a couple of things:

A) My favourite posts of the

B) Some lessons I have learnt over the last year.

Oh, and of course THANK YOU to all my amazing followers!!! I honestly had no idea if people would care about my opinions and ideas when I started this, but, for some reason, people want to listen to me talk about books. It’s great!


My Favourite Posts of the Last Year

My review of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


This post was the first book review for the blog and is my favourite one. Why? I don’t think it is the best one that I have ever written (I should hope not, anyway!) but it was what kick-started the whole process. Plus, doing it gave me the confidence to think, “You know what, I can do this book blogging malarky!”


2. The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Screenshot (127)
Original Photo by the Bialons on Unsplash

This one is on here because it was just quite a lot of fun to write! Oh, and it made me think. Which, despite what I think when I am tired, is actually a good thing. You don’t learn if you don’t challenge yourself after all!


3. Book Recommendations for Game of Thrones’ Houses


I really enjoyed writing this one! I think the Harry Potter House Recommendations post was more popular, but I preferred writing this one. I found it really fun working out what I thought were the dominant characteristics of each house and then finding books to match those.


What I have learnt from a year of book blogging

First, PLAN AHEAD. This one really caught me off guard a bit actually. Did you guys know that being a book blogger makes you busy? No? Me neither! Okay, so I maybe exaggerate… It isn’t the most stressful thing ever, but being organised is incredibly important. After all, you need to find time to read the books and write the posts amongst eating, working and general living. 24 hours just isn’t enough.

Next, never underestimate the importance of interacting with other peoples’ blogs and social media. This is one I could probably do better on, especially social media, but really, this stuff is so important. Not only do you get to read some great blogs about a topics you love, but you may get some great ideas to steal… I mean copy. Plus, from a selfish point of view, getting out there gets your blog more publicity. You interact with others, they’ll interact with you. Simple really!

Third, how great the WordPress Reader feature is! Seriously, you have hundreds and thousands of great blogs at your finger tips. This makes it great for the point above. For the first 6 months of my blog, I was on another platform, but in December I switched over to WordPress and I got sooooo many more views and a lot more interaction on my blog. I genuinely had more views in December than I had had over the first 6 months of my blog’s life. Who knows how many views and followers I would have now if I had started on WordPress!

And my last lesson, don’t stress too much! Seriously, don’t let a hobby stress you out too much. Didn’t make your monthly TBR? Ah well! This isn’t a job; it is supposed to be fun and a way to unwind and share your passion!


   –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –

Anyway, have another thank you and I hope you enjoyed my little reflection back on my blog’s first year of life! Here’s to many more!



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