Christmas Present Ideas For Your Favourite Bookworm

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So now that it is December – and has been for all of a few hours – I figured I would talk about some Christmas stuff!

There are so many great things about Christmas (food jumps to mind), but possibly the biggest and most stressful aspects of Christmas is the giving of presents. It feels great to give a gift that makes someone smile, when you see them unwrap the paper and get excited because of what is in there, and I hoped that a post about some good bookworm gift ideas would help you get that reaction!


obviously gif

Okay, so this one is kind of obvious. Bookworms like reading books, so get them some books. Duh! But you do have to put a bit more thought into it than that to get a great reaction: you have to know what genres they like, you have to know what authors they like, and for extra brownie brownie points, you have to know what they have already read or got! Though a fancy edition of Lord of the Rings (maybe illustrated) would go down a treat with me and I already have two copies, so there I go breaking my own rules!

Don’ know all of that? Break into their house and have a nose at their bookshelf! Or don’t… cos’ it’s illegal! Maybe you could just ask surreptitiously or even look at some upcoming releases for their genre.



I’m not 100% sure what it is about stationery and bookworms, but every bookworm I know loves it! Getting a fancy new notebook, maybe it is themed around a favourite book of theirs, is great! Think of all the potential with a new notebook and pencil/pen! Drawing, writing stories, making notes in books, whatever you want to do! Though, they need to be organised… I have specific notebooks for specific purposes as I’m not some form of savage! Naturally.

Personal favourites of mine are the Game of Thrones notebooks that we have here in the UK in Waterstones, and the de-motivational pencils that I saw the other day. They gave me a good chuckle!



Another obvious one! If other readers are like me, they end up using train tickets and scraps of paper and anything they can get their hands on as a bookmark, and it looks scruffy! So maybe they would like a new, fancy pants book mark> I personally really like the ones that look like characters have been squashed in your book by My Bookmark… It is just a shame that I can’t see the hobbit one on their shop anymore!


slytherin scarf

Us bookworms are passionate people… Just maybe not on the outside! We can’t get enough of our favourite books and characters. However, books are a quiet hobby and you can;t really proclaim this love to the world as easily as with other hobbies, so help us out and get us some clothing to do it for us! There is a reason you can’t move for Harry Potter jumpers and scarfs, I’m sure! Personally, I have a Prancing Pony t-shirt from the Lord of the Rings that I love – but the pattern on it is wearing off! *cries*

Mugs or fancy teas


You know what every book worm seems to enjoy doing while reading? Drinking hot drinks! And you need a mug for those. Plus, with mugs there is loads of room for success! Maybe they like comedy ones, maybe they like ones linked to their favourite books, maybe they like classical patterns or ones with cute animals! I like all of those… Maybe I am old before my time?

honey im old

Alternatively you could get them a fancy version of their favourite drink. As a Brit, it is tea but I understand some people may choose hot chocolate (totally acceptable) or even coffee (whyyyyy!?!?)

Again, maybe I’m old?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anyway, I hope you find this post useful and, maybe, a little inspirational!

Merry Christmas, and see you soon!


7 thoughts on “Christmas Present Ideas For Your Favourite Bookworm

  1. We are doing secret Santa in the office and my giftee loves reading. Sadly this is all i know about her. Not even sure what type of books she reads, let alone what books she already owns. I think i will get her a book sleeve and maybe a bookmark ☺️

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