Music Monday: Last Christmas by Wham!

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to Music Monday! This idea was originally created by Drew over at The Tattooed Book Geek.

The idea will be to share a song that I have been listening to recently and why I am enjoying it. Naturally, because it is December, I’ll be picking some of my favourite Christmas songs… And this week is no different!

This week’s pick is Last Christmas by Wham!


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed listening to this week’s pick… It is pretty much a classic Christmas song now! I don’t really need much more of a reason to listen to this one. I suppose that if you worked in retail you may be a bit sick of it though as every shop seems to play this and Mariah Carey on loop!

See you next week!



3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Last Christmas by Wham!

      1. _forbookssake

        I only found out a few days ago, because the other guy who was in Wham is trying to get it to number 1 this year, in memory of George Michael!

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