My 2019 in Book Covers

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Hi Everyone!

A quick post today… And one that won’t require much reading on your part. It is really just a simple summary post of all the books I read last year. I personally feel like I had a really good reading year. Sure, I bet most of you guys and gals read more books, but overall I was really happy with the books I read. And best of all, I enjoyed the vast majority of them!

Oh, and I’ll attach any links to reviews for the books that I did write a review for in the image, so if you want to read any of my reviews for these books, just click in the link!


The Books I Read in 2019

Grey Bastards skyward 38204046 39836383 35403647 how to be right the wolf in the whale the-final-empire-brandon-sanderson-9781473216815 42754035 city of brass uk the beasts of grmheart kingdomcopper 34846987 the blade itself uk 36904456 36904457 24 hours in ancient rome 24 hours in ancient egypt before they are hanged 24 hours in ancient athens last argument heroes city of the damned with ice and sword passengers tiger and wolf bone ships realm of ash walking americas the true bastards a little hatred why you should read chuldren's books                          a boy and hid dog last wish time travellers

8 thoughts on “My 2019 in Book Covers

    1. It was a really good year for reading! There weren’t any books I really didn’t like, and only one or two who were a bit ‘meh’. I hope you enjoy whichever ones you want to read next year! Which ones are they?

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    1. I’ve only read the first if the Witcher books (The Last Wish) and really want to get to the rest of the series! And yeah, A Little Hatred and The Winter of the Witch are pretty damn good! Get to it! 😄

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    1. 2019 was a pretty damn good reading year! And I liked, but wasn’t blown away by The Wolf in the Whale, but I know loads of other people absolutely loved it! And as for the Chakraborty books, they’re just great, imo!

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