Books and Series I Want to Give a Second Try!

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Hey everyone, hope are all having a good weekend!

As some of you may have noticed from my goals post earlier in the year (you can read it here if you want) that I am going to be trying to reread some books that I already own. After all, why would I own a book if I didn’t want to read it more than once?

And I figured that this goal will also allow me to give some books or series a second chance. Perhaps, for whatever reason, when I first picked up these books I couldn’t quite get into them, or they didn’t grab my attention and suck me in completely. This could be for a variety of reasons, and whether I need to reread the book or just engage with the next book in this series, I am going to give them a try.

Can’t say I don’t give stuff a fair crack of the whip!

And so, without any more waffling on from me, here are some books and series that I am going to give a second chance to this year, even though they didn’t really click for me before… Hopefully!

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

This is a book series that I swear everyone loves. And from all the recommendations and comparisons, I probably should love too! Unfortunately, about half way through the first book I decided to DNF. I’d just gotten a little bored. However, I have heard such great things about these books – and the covers are brilliant, in my opinion, so I kind of want them on my shelves. How vain of me!


The Echoes of the Fall series by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This was a series that I started simply on the basis of how beautiful the cover of The Tiger and the Wolf is. I literally judged a book by its cover. So how was it? Well, it was okay. There was a lot good about it, but just nothing spectacular that grabbed me. It has been a few months now since I read first the first book in the series and I have seen the second available in my library, but keep finding other books I 100% want to read more. But I’ll get around to it soon!


The Legacy of Orisha series by Tomi Adeyemi

Do you guys remember 2018? You couldn’t move for The Children of Blood and Bone! As such, despite not being the typical YA target audience and it being a bit of a hit-or-miss genre for me, I picked it up. And, overall, it was pretty good, but it had some big problems too. I’ve not picked up the second one in the series yet, which only came out a few months ago to be fair, but I think the series deserves  a second chance. But if the same issues I had with the first one are repeated, then I probably won’t other with any sequels.


The Empire of Salt series by C.F. Iggulden

C.F. Iggulden, or better known as Conn Iggulden, is a hugely successful historical fiction novelist who is having a go at an epic fantasy series. I read the first one, Darien, back in 2018 and have kind of just avoided the series since as it lacked anything special. The wriitng was good, as I knew it would be from having enjoyed his big historical fiction series, but it didn’t grab me in the same way that other series have. But, I will admit, of all the series listed here, this is the one I am most keen to carry on with.


  –    –    –     –    –    –    –    –     –     –     –


So there are four book series that I am keen to give a second chance and read this year, even if I didn’t love my first introduction to them.

Have you got any series like this? Let me know in the comments!



13 thoughts on “Books and Series I Want to Give a Second Try!

    1. I only ever made it through the first half of the first book! But so many people seem to love it, so hey, I guess some people must like the ending? A shame you found it disappointing.


  1. What a coincidence! I’m halfway through “The Tiger and the Wolf,” and I’ve been meaning to start reading, “Children of Blood and Bone”!

    From what I’ve read so far of “The Echoes of the Falls” Trilogy, it’s sad that this series remains unknown by the fandom.

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  2. I love the Farseer trilogy, and despite the slow start it really picks up the pace after the first couple of chapters! It’s one of my favorite fantasy series, but yes – the first two trilogies start with a lot of whining 😉
    I’d suggest starting with Shadows of the Apt for Tchaikovsky – Echoes of the Fall is a sort-of tie-in, and I think it would read much better if you’ve read Shadows… before that. Though, this way, it would probably be more disappointing as well, as Shadows… are just so much better! 😀

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      1. That was kind of my impression with some.of the tribes… But we’re does the tiger fit? They’re blatantly Chinese/Asian inspired. And the wolves are European iron age/Vikings (bit more understandable when we.know the Vikings reached Newfoundland.

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      2. Think South/Mezo America with Asian/Egyptian flavor – or think of Americas as still connected to Asia by Bering Strait land bridge and compacted to one continent 😉

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  3. Savannah Worman

    I have long considered reading Children of Blood and Bone but have never picked it up. I’ll look out for a review and see if I should pick it up.

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