Pit Stop: Reviewing my 2020 Reading Goals

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Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it has nearly been half a whole year? Me neither. All the craziness with lockdown has meant that it has somehow felt like the longest time ever, but also it was only March yesterday, right?

Anyway, I try to do a quick check on how I am doing with the goals I set at the start of each year around this time, so here goes!


Read 30+ Books = 👍

Screenshot (43)

I’m on 18 books here (I know my Goodreads says 19, but I didn’t read The Return of the King twice – I just can’t fix the mistake!) so that is pretty good. I’m just over half. I’m giving myself a pass here!

Read At Least 10 Books That Are Not Fantasy = 👍

I make it 6 here, though I know some people are saying that Lancelot and Camelot are Historical Fiction so you could say it is 8. Either way, that is a pass. Over halfway to a goal at the halfway point is good for me!

Smashing through the Murderbot Diaries audiobooks the other week has definitelhy helped me get this one as they count for 4 out of the 6!

Read At Least 10 Books From The Library = 👎

Covering Face GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

This one is a big, fat no. I haven’t read a single book from the library yet. In my defence, the libraries haven’t been open here in the UK since March. But that isn’t much of an excuse given that I was on 0 books at the end of March. Must try harder!

Re-Read At Least 5 Books = 👍👎

I’ve read four, which is a success a far! However, if I am honest, there are so many new books that I am excited to read that I’m going to have to work to fit these last two in. But I should be able to do it pretty easily, really.

–     –     –     –     –     –      –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –

So there you have it, overall a pretty positive outlook on completing those targets. Just the library one, which may be quite hard to get now, but we will try!

Anyway, stay safe everyone!




8 thoughts on “Pit Stop: Reviewing my 2020 Reading Goals

  1. callmesly

    Such a great mid-year check-in! I’d never thought of doing something like this, but it’s was a wonderful way to see what you’d been reading. 😀

    Also, I might be able to help with your RotK problem on Goodreads. If you click on the title and then the Edit button next to My Activity, you should be able to delete (or add) dates read from there. that is, unless they’ve updated the interface, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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