Monthly Update – October 2021

Hi everyone! So, I’m going to be starting something a bit new here at Jack’s Bedtime Reading: a monthly update! I’ve started a new job in recent months (even if it is only temporary until Christmas) and so I’ve not felt like I’ve had the time or headspace to write much. Which isn’t really fair on you, my readers and followers. So to help keep you updated on what I am reading, etc, I’ll be writing these updates. October hasn’t been the best month for me personally and I think this is reflected in my blogging as the last post was on the 4th of October. Nearly a whole month ago!


So, with being a pretty bad book blogger this month, did I actually get anything reviewed? Yes! I did! Go me! I finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s The Wisdom of Crowds in late September and got my review out on the 4th October. It was a fantastic read and I loved every second of it I’m already rereading it in audiobook form actually. It is the last book in a trilogy, so I won’t recommend everyone to jump straight into it. You need to read the other books first, but if you like your fantasy on the grimdark side, with very morally-compromised characters and a gritty, unforgiving world, then the whole First Law world of books will be for you.

What I read

Now, just because I am a bad book blogger and only wrote one review last month doesn’t mean I only read one book. Thankfully. I actually, according to Goodreads read 12 books. Which is pretty damn awesome! However, before we all start celebrating that amazing book total, I have to say that only 3 of them were full-length novels. The rest were a combination of novellas and short stories. This isn’t to be disparaging about these shorter forms of fiction, they can be just as engaging as a novel, but they simply don’t take as long to read. So, really, 12 books isn’t so many!

I have to say, in terms of enjoyment, it was a good month. I really enjoyed all 3 novels (Fire Caste, Luther and Warhawk), while the short stories were a bit more of a mixed bag. My favourites from these were A Sanctuary of Wyrms, Whispers and The Greater Evil.

Next Month

You might have noticed that all of October’s books were set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Now, I (obviously) enjoy this setting, but there is more to Sci-Fi and Fantasy than Warhammer, so I’ll be balancing out a last month with some other great SFF. I’m hoping to jump on the Norsevember bandwagon (go check it out at Spells & Spaceships) with Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt and The Everspring by Joshua Gillingham. I loved Joshua Gillingham’s debut in The Gatewatch, so hoping for more charming, Norse adventures here. As well as this, I plan on diving into the award-winning Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor. I hear very good things! Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King may sneak in there too. Who knows. I think that sounds like a good month’s reading!

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